Bring Back Buddyhead Gossip

Most of the kids don’t know this, but Buddyhead has been around. Long before Pitchfork was giving snarky, bullshit reviews to “abstract” indie rock bands and Perez Hilton was drawing dicks and coke residue over paparazzi pictures of Hollywood starlets, two skinny dorks in LA named Aaron and Travis were giving snarky reviews to rock and roll records and calling everybody out on their shit. Everybody.

I’m not going to say that they were the first music blog, but they were the first music blog to do what all the music blogs do now.

Oh yeah, they had this record label too, they put out records for bands like The Icarus Line, Your Enemies Friends, Wires on Fire, 400 Blows, and a couple of killer compilations.

Anyways, the point is, their legendary gossip section went away some time ago, and I think its time they bring it back. They say that they can’t afford it, but Aaron is the guitarist in this band called Nine Inch Nails. I know they gave their record away for free, but he can afford it.

If you’re into it, leave a comment letting them know. Once I’ve built up a number of comments…I’ll be realistic here…20? I’ll let them know about it too.

I’m serious. Leave some comments.



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15 responses to “Bring Back Buddyhead Gossip

  1. dwagner6

    Yeah, the new blog/thing they have in its place is kinda weak, too. I miss the gossip, and the posting of Fred Durst’s cellphone number.

  2. Michael

    Yeah, I agree with Travis. It was entertaining, but if I was their age, I would like to think I matured and moved onto more practical uses of my time. Sorry, man.

  3. I wasn’t trying to come off as a dick… I realized I did… I was trying to be funny actually. It was meant to be sarcastic. Thank you for writing about us and caring.

    We’re actually going to bring the gossip back one of these days… I promise… We’re working our way there. Again, sorry for the dick comment….

  4. Jo

    Bring it back! Someone who actually knows something about music needs to start calling out all the crap that’s about at the moment. Besides – it was damn funny

  5. Torben Andersen

    that´s very polite of you Travis, you must have matured! i believe people care a lot about the old gossip section, and they would be stoked to see it return.

    team up with some of your european co-minded people and go global as well. its funny to hear about whack hollywood or midwest people, but there´s bunch of them over here too. The London scene must have many funny stories to post.

  6. Wave

    Hell yes. The Buddyhead gossip line was the best part of my day! Or week! Or… three months, however often it was that they updated. (Twice a year… maybe…)

    If you bring it back (assuming Travis is still looking back), throw us a coupla bones a leeeeetle more often knackers.


    Well I’ll be… why not bring back the wicked reviews too? Want to see what kind of Axl ratings albums would get these days…

  8. It’s completely, utterly juvenile, an asinine waste of time, and rife with senseless, unnecessary aggression, and I fucking love every word of it. Bring it on. Kickass.

  9. Laura

    Bring it back! I’m 23 now, but when I was in high school, I don’t know what I would have done without Buddyhead Gossip. Pranking Fred Durst was so much fun! I still think it would be funnier than anything else out there today.


    Those are some lame ass questions…

  11. lo1337a

    Sorry dude, those are kinda lame, and they’ve answered different versions of about 75% of those questions ad nauseum. You’d probably have better luck if you only ask stuff that’s relevant as of 2007 onward.
    No Icky Line, no gossip references, no Trent questions. They’ve made it pretty clear that most of it doesn’t matter and that any question whose answer can be found via google search just shouldn’t be asked.

  12. Nathaniel

    man, using “whilst” more than zero times is reason enough to can a potential interview.

  13. az

    do you think i should ask them as to what they intend to do this coming xmas? i’m sorry, but you only have to look in kerrang to figure out that most of those questions weren’t “lame”. it’s true, that 75% of the questions have been asked in one form or another, but i didn’t really touch on the icky line or nin to the extent that others have.

    i’m intrigued to know as to why aaron used to say that he had no interest in being big, and then he joined nin. i’m also interested on his views on the resulting fame which ensued as a consequence of his involvement with the aforementioned band. i would also like to know as to what he thinks about bands who “$uck dicks$”, especially considering that a lot of people now accuse him of being a sellout. i know that people change, but these are fundamental questions concerned about values and ideals. if he wants to talk shit before he decides to grow up and act mature, thus negating the purpose of the gossip column, then he can do so. but i just thought he was a little bit more “hardcore” then that.

    “everyone” knows that Wires on Fire are a poor mans Icarus Line. what is he trying to achieve with that band? should i be so forthcoming so as to ask him? and what kind of impression will that make on his fans?

    sorry, but i was trying to be tactful and diplomatic.

    i want to know as to why aaron left nin. was he “fired”, like he was going to be had he not quit the icarus line. seems more of a case of jumping rather than being pushed.

    when i saw aaron and jubilee, all i could think about was blaze bayley. that guy used to part of iron maiden and look at him now.

    i hope jubilee succeed. i really do. but travis’s comments have left a very bitter taste in the mouth. especially considering that he wasn’t even in the band.

  14. Az is a DORK

    AZ you are a DORK

    and BUddyhead Gossip is BACK! and funnier than ever.

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