Review: The Bouncing Souls, live in Brooklyn

The Gaslight Anthem, Tim Barry, The Bouncing Souls: Live in Brooklyn

If you pay attention to this blog, you know I’ve been excited about this show for a while. I was initially going to review this entire show, but Punknews already beat me to it (and did a fine job, may I add). They did, however, miss The Gaslight Anthem (always check door-time, boys!) so I’ll throw in a few things about the show anyways. Some amateurish video and pictures are to follow.

The Gaslight Anthem’s “Sink or Swim” was one of my favorite records of 2007. Last summer, when the did a two week tour with a band I was managing, I had no idea what would happen next. They would come home from that tour and over the next year grab support slots for the likes of Against Me!, The Draft, The Loved Ones, and The Bouncing Souls. In that year they’d also release an EP, sign with Side One Dummy, tour Europe, and even play some fests.

They truly have what it takes to take it to the next step. I was, however, a bit underwhelmed by their performance this past weekend. I really enjoyed myself, but I can’t imagine their performance helped them win over too many fans. They were a bit too cock-sure, too swaggery. Their attitudes screamed “every body tells us we’re the next big thing.” Their setlist was unimpressive, playing only four songs from their debut album, and playing some new stuff that almost had a Nickleback vibe to it. I’m sure the new record will be great, but for now we’ll have to wait and see.

Brooklyn, NY

Tim Barry was really mediocre. No Avail, if you’re wondering. To be honest, his songs were fine, and his stage banter was fun enough, it just wasn’t the right timing. With all due respect to what he’s done in his career, he should’ve opened the show. He talked about his tour with Chuck Ragan and Ben Nichols, which will be amazing (I think), and that was about it. By the way, he looks like Roger Clemens.

At this point, I’ve seen the Souls so many times that I don’t even care what they play. I’ve seen them play most of their songs, and I figure they’ll play something else next time. They played a fun set, to a fun crowd, but there was a bit too much down time. Too much acoustic stuff, too much mellow stuff. Greg seemed high as a fucking kite to me.

Some highlights:

Ukelele cover of Sick of it All’s “Good Lookin Out”

Mellowed out version of The Misfits “Hybrid Moments” and The Souls own “I Like Your Mom”

I’ll catch ’em next time.



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3 responses to “Review: The Bouncing Souls, live in Brooklyn

  1. brian

    you fool, you forgot about my grand accomplishment!

  2. Conor

    Doesnt the lead singer look like Colin? hah

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